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Opportunity - Use.  Save.  Share.

Since 1992 AmeriPlan has been saving its members and Benefit Consultants (BCs) millions of dollars each year while paying its BC's millions of dollars each year in commissions, overrides and bonuses.  AmeriPlan is a business built on a foundation of "Saving Money" and "Making Money" for its customers and business partners.

AmeriPlan offers a unique opportunity to those who choose to pursue time, lifestyle and financial freedom through one of the nation's finest home-based business models.  Inexpensive and easy to begin, inexpensive and easy to maintain, AmeriPlan Benefit Consultants may start on a full-time or part-time basis and can grow their current income and future income as fast and as large as they wish.

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It's Easy to become a Benefit Consultant with AmeriPlan:

Enroll into the AmeriPlan Jumpstart Program.

  1. Junior Jump Start – Enroll for $19.95 and receive one Deluxe Plus membership for your personal use.
  2. Special Jump Start – Enroll for $99.95 and receive one Deluxe Plus membership for your personal use and five virtual Deluxe Plus Memberships for resale.
  3. Special Jump Start – Enroll for $199.95 and receive one Deluxe Plus membership for your personal use and ten virtual Deluxe Plus Memberships for resale.

Your Jump Start Program includes access to a suite of AmeriPlan Corporate Services.  Including access to the online business e-kit.

Once you have completed your enrollment, you will be a Benefit Consultant (BC) with AmeriPlan.  You can now begin building your business.

Become A Non Qualified Benefit Consultant »

Step 1. Enroll into AmeriPlan - Pay $30.00 annual Enrollment Fee (AEF)

There is no initial membership order required to become a BC with AmeriPlan.  For $30.00 per year, you receive your personalized website(s), plus unlimited access to your BC Back Office for 12 months.

However, you will NOT be eligible for any compensation from AmeriPlan until you are a "qualified" BC.

Step 2. (Optional) Become "Qualified" by Buying or Selling one (1) Deluxe Plus Plan.

AmeriPlan is a membership driven company.  Residual and Team Residuals overrides are based on the sale and use of our money-saving memberships.  While there is no membership purchase required, your business will grow and flourish more quickly if you are a satisfied member and have money-saving stories to share with others.  We recommend that you purchase one of our Discount Memberships and then USE it, to SAVE money then SHARE your money saving stories with others.  If you are successful with this simple strategy, you maximize your goals and the productivity of your business.

A BC must be active to generate residual commissions and in order to earn bonuses.

As a BC advances through director levels and is "Active", they will begin to earn Team Residual Overrides from the efforts of their downline Sales Directors.

Become A Benefit Consultant »

Want to save money and make money? Learn how you can do both right now while building phenomenal residual income for your retirement, no matter how old you are.  Check out our tremendous Compensation Plan.


These Plans are NOT Insurance or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. Membership in these plans entitles you to discounts for certain medical services and prescription drugs by providers who have agreed to participate in these discount plans. These plans do NOT make payments directly to the provider of medical services and prescription drugs. The plans' members are obligated to pay for all healthcare services, but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with these discount plans.
The name, address and specialty of the discount medical and prescription drug program providers in your service area are available before purchase and upon request by logging on to or call the AmeriPlan® Consumer Information Center at 1-800-647-8421.
AmeriPlan® Corporation - 5000 Legacy Drive, Suite 300, Plano, TX 75024
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member 2012

AmeriPlan Programs are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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